kissing owls

Forget the flowers – give kindness for Valentine’s Day!

  Sick of the inflated prices for flowers, restaurants and choccies?  Fed up with expensive teddy bears, red ribbons and chocolate hearts? Brassed off with social media, advertising and guilt steering you into Disney/Hollywood’s artificial image of romance? Love is knowing when your partner is shattered and you just ease their burden a little with […]

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Theresa May

Theresa May as our new PM

Well, I’m probably biased (being female and all that) but I am so pleased that our new PM is not only a woman but a woman with a reputation for taking her job seriously, working incredibly hard and listening to what people have to say. It doesn’t matter which party you vote for; these qualities […]

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Philippa Headshot 1

Brexit or Remain…

Either way we haven’t imploded, exploded or internally combusted, have we? Whatever, your views, whatever the media spin, most of us will not even notice anything unusual happening over the next six months and most changes will be gradual. Let us create a tolerant, giving society that embraces change and creates a community that values […]

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