About Me

Striving for Perfection: Yes, that my strap-line, USP and how I like to direct my life. However, note the word “striving”. I am not there yet and possibly never will be but, to resort to a cliché, it is the journey that counts! In a diverse teaching and training career spanning the last 12 years,  I have worked with Chief Executives in a corporate environment; students applying themselves within a college environment; staff members in a training environment; private learners in a one-to-one environment and young offenders in a confined environment! Lucky for me I like a challenge!

Providing you with lively staff training, accurate copy-writing and editing and empathic private tuition


Yes, this is me :)

My previous career in PR and Marketing has given me a practiced eye for detail and amazing ideas which have been of enormous benefit particularly when I am working with start-up businesses or an aspiring writer/novelist. My career as a lecturer has given me the ability to juggle a multitude of balls and prepare for every situation.

The journey through my working life has given me an inordinately successful ability to communicate with people on every level. Empathy, understanding and the capacity to clearly perceive what is required by customers and prospective customers,  are key skills that support my professional and academic abilities. It goes without saying you can rely on my knowledge and professional qualifications.

You can be guaranteed that my integrity and desire to please and achieve will provide you and/or your company with a high level of satisfaction. Curious? Please give me a call on 07900555788. Thank you.


  • Strictly (Come Dancing)
  • Bake Off (what will I do now it’s finished?)
  • Argentine Tango dance classes (yes, I really do)
  • Rooney (my horse, not the footballer)
  • My family (naturally, there’s so many of them!)
  • Teaching and training (adore imparting knowledge in a fun way)
  • Looking for missing apostrophes