Writing Services, Staff Training & Private Tutoring

Working within all the areas that you love – what more can a person ask when setting up their own business? I strive for perfection in all three areas of my business and they are intrinsically linked.  The Writing Services arm incorporates copywriting, proofreading and editing and my desire for perfection and flair for the written word comes into their own. With the Staff Training, the concepts of NLP are incorporated into the writing of the courses so delegates can be assured they will be taking an active part in their training, making it particularly pertinent to their own roles (and fun). Ensuring that learning is engaging and fun is also firmly integrated into my work as a private tutor for youngsters taking their GCSEs or adults wanting to improve their literacy.

The gorgeous premises that I operate from in Wolston (which covers Coventry & Warwickshire) have become an ideal venue to operate workshops that clients specifically request.

Why the owls?

Native Americans associate the symbolism of owls with wisdom, foresight and the keeper of sacred knowledge. During medieval times in Western and Central Europe, it was fabled that owls were actually witches and wizards in disguise; I cannot agree or deny that I am a witch but I have been told my communication skills are pretty magical!